Jasmine Snyder was nominated by her 6th grade teacher Mrs. Sumner for December Student of the Month. Mrs. Sumner commented that Jasmine is a very polite, hard worker, and stays after school several days to get extra academic support. Congratulations Jasmine!



Kobe Farrow and Donovan Young were nominated by their 7th grade teacher Mrs. Cornett for December Student of the Month. Mrs. Cornett commented that, “Both boys stepped up and helped out in the concession stand last week and were very polite to the customers. Mrs. Cornett was short staffed for the concession stand and if it wasn’t for these two boys the concession stand would have shut down. The two boys worked for over an hour and never asked for anything in return.” Congratulations Kobe Farrow and Donovan Young!



Keelin Sharrock  was nominated by her 8th grade teacher Mrs. Sumner for December Student of the Month. Mrs. Sumner stated, “ Keelin has grown academically from 6th to 8th grade. She is a sweet, hard working, and kind student.”  Congratulations Keelin!



Roxanne Lampe  was nominated by her 9th grade science teacher Mr. Wesche. Mr. Wesche stated, “Bree is a hardworking student that participates in class discussions, completes all of her work, and continually earns some of the highest grades on the test. “Congratulations Roxanne!


McKendra Perry was nominated by her 10th grade science teacher Mr. Wesche.  Mr. Wesche stated, “ McKendra is hard working and is earning one of the highest grades in our Dual Enrolled college class as a sophomore. She studies hard, asks good questions, and is able to think her way through things.” Congratulations McKendar!


Robbie Look was nominated by his 11th grade science teacher Mr. Wesche. Mr. Wesche stated, “Robbie has the highest grade in our Dual Enrolled biology class. He also studies hard, takes good notes, and participates in class discussions. He challenges himself by taking high level classes.” Congratulations Robbie!



Beth Valdez was nominated by her 12th grade teacher Mr. Wesche. Mr. Wesche stated, “ Beth is a great student to have in psychology. She competes in all of her work and more importantly participates in all of the discussions. She is very good at accepting other students opinions and also at backing up her own statements.” Congratulations Beth!