Duford Joanne

Name: Duford Joanne
Position: High School Special Education
Phone: 517-547-6980
Email: joanne.duford@addisonschools.us

My name is Joanne and this is my first year as a special education teacher at Addison High School.  I earned a degree in Child Development, Elementary Education, and Special Education with a focus on Learning Disabilities from Sienna Heights University and am currently attending classes at Eastern Michigan University.  These classes are to earn a Master’s Degree in Special Education with a focus on Cognitive Impairments.

My classroom is a regional program that serves 9th through 12th grade students with special needs from Addison, Hudson, Morenci, and Sand Creek.  The focus of my classroom is preparing students for adulthood by teaching life skills, vocational skills, and functional academics.  Using classroom dollars, these students are expected to apply for and work a classroom job, rent their desk, pay bills, learn to cook, clean, and budget.  Students are expected to communicate their personal needs and work with adults within the room to develop a compromise between classroom expectations and their needs (i.e. a student wants to study for Tech Center program instead of completing their math).  A few potential highlights are hands-on problem solving opportunities,


field trips, pen pals, bake sales, and theater/drama.


In my spare time, I enjoy baking, reading, and supporting my family in their various adventures.