Haag, Lisa

Name: Haag, Lisa
Position: HS/MS Computer Teacher
Phone: 517-547-6966
Email: lisa.haag@addisonschools.us

Hi, I am Mrs. Lisa Haag. I have been teaching for over 25 years. I am a High School Mathematics teacher having taught anything from General Math to Algebra II and Trigonometry.  Currently, I enjoy teaching Senior Finance.   Which is a course that covers everything a student will see at some point in their lives, like budgeting, banking, credit cards, loans (car & mortgages), taxes, and insurances (health, home, auto, life) just to mention a few. Students learn the mathematics involved with these life skills.  I also teach Middle School and High School Technology.  Middle School students learn some basic Microsoft Office  Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint skills along with Digital Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities.  High School students learn varying computer concepts, Digital Citizenship, and Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access skills.  Advanced High School students have had the option of taking Graphic Design (learning about Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator, and InDesign),  Web Design (learning HTML coding and WordPress skills), and AP Computer Science (learning how the Internet works, coding, and creating apps).

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