Wesche, Aaron

Name: Wesche, Aaron
Position: HS/MS Science Teacher
Phone: 517-547-6958
Email: aaron.wesche@addisonschools.us

My name is Aaron Wesche.  I am a high school science teacher specializing in the life sciences (biology, anatomy, botany, and zoology).  I have a bachelors of science from Central Michigan University, and a Masters in Biology from Michigan State University.  I started teaching in Addison in the fall of 2000.  I believe in using technology in the classroom and trying new strategies to reach all students.  I also believe in giving students real life experience (bee hives, making maple syrup, etc).  I coach the varsity boys track team and I am married with one son.   I am looking forward to an exciting year of science.

Lesson Plans: https://planbook.com/planbook.html?t=1081198&k=wesche