Transcript Information


Transcript Requests

  • Officialshigh school transcripts are processed electronically via Docufide by Parchment.
  • Register & request your transcript to be sent electronically by Parchment.

Parchment Usage Instructions

Sending Transcripts to Colleges and Universities

To aid you in your college application process, Addison High School has linked with Parchment to bring you a secure, paperless way to send transcripts directly to the colleges or university to which you will be applying. It’s safe, secure, easy and available 24/7.

Parchment will send out your official transcript, checked and approved by the Addison Counselor, to the colleges you choose. Parchment will email you a confirmation that your transcript was sent. For colleges that accept electronic, Parchment confirms when the colleges receive the transcripts.

To create your personal account, please follow the steps below to register with Parchment and request transcripts:

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click on “Create Account” in the upper left corner of page.
Step 3: Enter first & last name, your email address and create a password.. Click on “Sign up.”
Step 4: You will get a verification email from Parchment that contains a link to activate your Parchment account. Open the email & select “Verify your email address” (This will take you back to your Parchment account) or enter your verification code into the site.
Step 5: Enter your personal information (address, etc.).
Step 6: You may continue completing the profile or go straight to sending your transcripts, by selecting “SEND NOW.”

Step 7: Select the + (Plus) sign at the top of the page, type in Addison High School & select “SEARCH.”

Step 8: Chose Addison High School as your current high school. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE CITY/STATE and ADD the CORRECT high school.
Step 9:
Complete any of the information that is required on the next page and select “Consent and Request.”

Step 10: You are now at the Parchment Dashboard. Select “Order” at the top/left of the page.

Step 11: Type in the SEARCH box the name of the college/university where you would like your transcript sent. A list of your options will appear, MAKE SURE YOU CHOOSE THE UNDERGRADUATE option. Once selected you may choose to send the transcript immediately or wait for semester grades to be posted. Step 12: Once you select Submit on the next 2 screens your transcript will be checked and approved by the Counseling Department and sent out by Parchment. You will receive a confirmation by email that the transcript has been sent and received.

If you encounter any difficulties in this process, please see the Counselor.