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In our classrooms you will find highly trained and dedicated professionals who provide an engaging learning environment for their students.  Every employee of our district is here to serve students, their families, and our communities.  It is our hope that we will continue to earn your trust as we are here, committed to help children become their best academically, socially, emotionally, and physically.  We take pride in caring for students and providing the best education our resources and talents can make possible.

We are involved in the great work of enhancing the educational process for our children.  Each of us strives to keep our school district a source of pride for our community.  Our facilities are in fantastic shape and our teachers are currently engaged in several initiatives focused on curricular areas, professional development, and effective professional practice.  

Through targeted intervention, we strive to meet the needs of all learners.  We encourage our students to ask questions, make use of technology, and challenge themselves while collaborating with peers.  In the past, Addison students have achieved remarkable accomplishments academically and athletically.  It is our desire that students and their families continue to bless our community with many and significant successes.

Please accept an open invitation to contact me or any of our buildings if you have any questions or have a desire to learn more about our school system. I am proud to have all of our staff here to serve our students and community in a safe and caring environment. I can be reached at 1-517-547-6900 or I will see you in our hallways, classrooms, parking lots, auditoriums, businesses, and on our playing fields.

Steven Guerra