Board Committees

2022 Committee Appointments

Athletic Committee

Works with Athletic Director and Superintendent on hiring recommendations and athletic needs. Provides insight of the Community Fitness Center.

Chair: Kim Ford
Members: Scott Williams, Andrea Woodring
Alternate:  Josh Perry

Ways & Means Committee/Negotiations

Works with the CFO/and Superintendent on employee negotiations and district financial accounts.

Chair: Jennifer Frost   
Members: Kim Ford, Mike Murphy

Alternate: Lisa Houghton

Policy Committee 

Reviews and updates district policy as required.

Chair:  Mike Murphy 
Members: Kim Ford, Jennifer Frost

Alternate: Andrea Woodring

Facilities Committee

Works with the Facilities Director and Superintendent on identifying needs for the campus facilities.

Chair: Lisa Houghton
Members:  Mike Murphy, Josh Perry
Alternate: Jennifer Frost

Strategic Planning Committee

Works with the Superintendent and stakeholders in identifying

long-term goals and direction for Addison Community Schools.

Chair: Andrea Woodring
Members: Scott Williams, Josh Perry

Alternate: Kim Ford

Safety Committee

Works with the Superintendent and stakeholders to enhance building safety procedures.

Chair: Josh Perry
Members:  Lisa Houghton, Andrea Woodring

Alternate:  Mike Murphy